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IPM Innovation Lab welcomes new research associate

Anamika Sharma

The IPM Innovation Lab welcomes its newest team member, Anamika Sharma, a research associate. Sharma is an entomologist and insect ecologist. She most recently conducted her postdoctoral research at Montana State University, where she studied biological management of insect pests and the effectiveness of bio-pesticides, among other subjects. In addition to teaching, Sharma has also conducted field and laboratory-based research in Nebraska, India, and Australia and has experience disseminating agricultural information through extension activities. USDA-NIFA, the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee, and Western-SARE are among a few grants activities she has participated in over the years. She has published extensively in scientific journals.

In her new position, Sharma will be assisting the IPM Innovation Lab with a number of activities including conducting research on invasive pests such as Tuta absoluta and the fall armyworm, assisting host-country partners in scientific writing, composing reports, publishing extension articles, and preparing exhibits.

“I am thrilled to be part of the IPM Innovation Lab and CIRED,” Sharma said. “The fact that this team continually works for the improvement of growers and agricultural conditions around the globe makes me even more delighted to be part of the IPM team.  I look forward to working together and moving toward sustainable agriculture, environments, and balanced ecological systems.”