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CIRED: Our International Mission

The mission of CIRED links Virginia Tech to the world, supporting the university's global mission by developing and managing projects that draw on Virginia Tech's vast knowledge and applying it through multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional partnerships to raising standards of living in developing countries. Providing opportunities for faculty and student involvement in research, teaching and development of solutions to problems beyond our nation's boundaries, results in benefits to the University and to the people and communities it serves throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Propelled by the University's focus on increasing international collaboration, Beyond Boundaries, CIRED is central to strategic approaches and practical models for international engagement that positions Virginia Tech as a pre-eminent global land-grant university leader. 

Since its creation in 1993, the Center for International Research, Education and Development has provided essential support and resources to the University faculty, administration and staff to acquire and implement international projects and activities. This is accomplished by drawing on and strengthening the expertise of faculty, staff and students in units, departments and colleges across Virginia Tech's campus. The result has been an international research, education and development operation that has brought in more than $150 million since 1993 and has a current sponsored research and education portfolio of $60 million.