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Hande Kaya Celiker

Degree, Program, and date of graduation: PhD in Biological Engineering Department / Sep 2012

Dates of working with the WGD Program: BSE Graduate Assistant: August 2008 - Present (for Peanut Innovation Lab)

What work did you do with the WGD program?

"My study provides an opportunity to evaluate all peanut products for aflatoxin contamination non-destructively and manage aflatoxin contamination. I developed a methodology to sort out the contaminated peanuts using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and helped to implement this technology at Makerere University, Kampala/Uganda. Additionally, I trained technical staff for the usage of FTIR. "

Most exciting experience, interesting discovery, or connections made:

"As a research assistant in engineering field, what I do is to develop a model that theoretically works at laboratory environment. Working with the WID program gave me an opportunity to see my model works practically, too. It was really rewarding to have a chance to effectuate my work and to see how it contributes to current technology at Makerere University. "

After-graduation plans:

"As my education has progressed, I have enjoyed very much the interdisciplinary approach, which fortified my determination to have a career in research field. After my graduation, I would like to continue as an Academician in this field."

How has the WGD program influenced your future?

"Working with the WID program helped me enhance my network within the relevant area across the world, which, I hope, I may contact to study together in the future."