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Aubrey Albimino


Degree, Study Program, and expected date of graduation: B.A. in Government and Global Studies with a concentration in Latin American Studies, May 2022

Dates of working with the WGD Program:
May 2020 through July 2020.

What work did you do as a summer intern with the WGD Program?

This summer I conducted literature searches, reviewed resources, and helped to develop frameworks for ongoing WGD projects. I also provided assistance for different InclusiveVT programming and for the Women and Gender in Development Conference, and I spent time tracking the gendered implications of COVID-19 in several target countries.

What was it like being an intern during Covid-19 where you are not meeting in the office? Were you able to get a sense of working as part of a team despite meeting virtually?

Working as an intern during a global pandemic definitely presented learning curves, but the WGD team fully integrated me into the department regardless. Despite the virtual setting, I was still able to attend both team and department-wide meetings and events. The virtual setting was also advantageous in that it developed both my collaborative work skills, and my ability to work independently.

Most exciting experience, interesting discovery, or connections made:

Working with the WGD program is my first experience with international development work, and it was exciting to see the real-world applications of what I have learned in the classroom in a professional environment.  I have spent time learning about the different theories of development, and it was interesting to learn more about the practitioner side of development firsthand.

What are your plans at your university and beyond?

I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the College of William & Mary in both Government and Global Studies with a concentration in Latin American Studies. I plan to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and following graduation I hope to serve in the Peace Corp before applying to graduate school.

How has the WGD program influenced your future?

I have considered pursuing a career in international development but working with the WGD program has given me insight into what that career might actually look like.  Working with the WGD program has also taught me the importance of considering intersectionality within development work, which is knowledge I will continue to utilize as I enter the professional world.