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Natural Resource Conservation Leaders Memorial Centre of Excellence (MemCoE)

Duration: 2007 – 2012

Country/Countries: Nepal

Partner Organizations: Tribuhuvan University, Principia College, Yale University

This project was supported by Higher Education for Development with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


Project Summary: This project focused on strengthening the capacity of Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Forestry to ensure the next generation of Nepali forestry and natural resource management professionals have the skills and knowledge to support Nepal’s goal’s linked to biodiversity conservation, environmental sustainability, and healthy & productive communities. The Women and Gender in International Development Program supported the development of programs that would ensure the inclusion and success of all students and faculty – men, women, Dalits, Janajait, and those from remote areas.

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Project Resources and Publications:

·         Challenges and experiences of women in the forestry sector in Nepal