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Van Crowder shifting to full-time ALCE faculty

Van Crowder

After six years as executive director of the Center for International Research, Education, and Development (CIRED), Van Crowder is moving to a full-time position as a tenured professor with the Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He will transition to his new role on Aug. 10. 

Before coming to Virginia Tech, Crowder managed a $500 million portfolio for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (Department of State) in Washington, D.C., preceded by a position as senior officer of rural advisory services at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome, Italy, and as the country representative in Nicaragua.

Crowder led the former Office of International Research, Education, and Development into its transition as a center. He played an important role in securing funding for and launching a number of global CIRED projects, including the African Drone and Data Academy, Catalyzing Afghan Agricultural Innovation, Advancing Higher Education for Afghanistan’s Development and Feed the Future Senegal Youth in Agriculture. He has also provided crucial support to the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Integrated Pest Management, almost in its 30th year at Virginia Tech and CIRED. During his tenure, the IPM Innovation Lab has been awarded five associate awards or buy-ins on top of the program’s core award, amounting to more than $4.6 million in additional funding. 

“While I’m looking forward to teaching and doing research, as well as continuing to pursue international interests, I will miss working with CIRED,” Crowder said. “Over the span of a pretty long career in various organizations and jobs, working at CIRED has been one of the most rewarding professional and personal experiences I have had. I want to thank the entire center for the support and friendship I have gained through this work and I commend everyone’s dedication and commitment to the international mission of CIRED and Virginia Tech.”  

In August, Brady Deaton will join CIRED as the interim director. Deaton is a former chancellor of the University of Missouri, Peace Corps volunteer, presidentially-appointed chair of the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development, and is the founder of the Deaton Institute, which supports and develops interdisciplinary research and applied programs focused on food security and socioeconomic needs around the world.